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Parish Council meeting - special session to discuss development west of NM School

All residents are welcome to attend the next Parish Council meeting (in fact, ANY Council meeting) where there will be a special session to discuss the developments behind North Molton Primary School.

The meeting will start at 7pm, Weds 13th September, and a representative of the Agent for the developer will be available to answer questions.  In order to contribute, the usual rules apply - indicate to the Chairman that you would like to speak, and keep your comments/questions to 2 minutes maximum. This is much appreciated by Council and other attendees.

To find out more about the developments, visit the North Devon Planning Portal by clicking here. Enter the relevant reference code into the search function. Maps, proposals etc can be accessed for each application.

The current applications can be founds under the references 77479, 77499 and 77500.

Previous applications for the same area can be found under references 57361, 58144, 60822 and 66372.

08/09/2023 09:07:32

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