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ELECTION 4th JULY - remember that you need photo ID to be able to vote

Since May 2023, voters have to show a valid form of photo ID at polling stations to vote in person at a general election.

There are 22 acceptable forms of ID including:

  • passports

  • driving licences

  • Older or Disabled Person's bus passes

  • Oyster 60+ cards

You can use out-of-date photo ID as long as you look the same.

Alternatively, anyone registered to vote without the correct ID - or who no longer looks like their photo - can apply for a free document called a voter authority certificate.

The deadline to apply for a voter authority certificate to use in the general election is 17:00 on Wednesday 26 June.

If you realise you do not have valid ID after this deadline, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote up until 17:00 on polling day.

28/05/2024 09:44:10

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