It was through the enthusiasm and energy of Herbert Geen that our History Society began. The first committee meeting was held in the Old School ten years ago in 2001. The committee at that time comprised Norma and Norman Govier, Rosemary Speare, Morley Bulled, John and Arthur Bray, Brian and Pat Carl, Richard and Debbie Carder, David Plumb and Herbert himself as treasurer.

It was decided to hold regular open meetings every month and the very first event was led by Norman Govier, who gave an illustrated talk on Mining.

Since that time the Society has continued with these meetings. Topics have been wide-ranging, including among many: the story of Exmoor Ponies; Exmoor Archaeology; an Exmoor Shepherd; North Molton Square; the Story of North Molton School; the Life of a Farmerís Wife; North Molton Church; a Twitchen Family. The list is extensive.

Memorable also were the many walks and visits made - for example: Five Barrows Hill; Court Hall; Farms at Coombeshead and Millbrook; Holywell Reservoir; Roman smelting site at Sherracombe Ford; and we enjoyed a guided walk along East Street.

Additionally the Society has continued to add to its archive. Of special mention is an extensive collection of village photos over the years, produced from a photographic exhibition held at the Old School. Norman Govier has produced an attractive leaflet for visitors, and Morley Bulled has compiled a book on the story of the bakery. Other local publications have been filed.

The committee has changed somewhat in personnel and since Herbert we have had new chairmen in John Bowden (now president) and Christopher Hewetson. The society continues to have regular public meetings but now on a bi-monthly basis.

Visiting speakers have always been impressed by the depth of our support and long may this continue. This book is a celebration of North Molton Village past and present; and our society looks also to a long and happy existence in the future.


Ten years after its foundation, the History Society has published a book about the village. Entitled NORTH MOLTON - a Celebration of the people and history of North Molton, it was published in 2011 with written contributions from twenty-five locals and support by many more.

The book was compiled and edited by Judy Mc Carthy (alongside), Adrian Stone and Jonathan Edmunds. The book was launched on Thursday, July 14 in the Old School and more than 100 people attended. Society secretary Debbie Carder said: "You could say the book has become a village enterprise, given the variety and number of people who contributed their invaluable memories, stories and photographs. The book conveys the richness of life in the village now, and a flavour of the uniqueness of its past history."